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Customer commitment can't be measured by spreadsheets and financial analyses. A true commitment to the customer is observed, felt and witnessed every day throughout a business relationship. Commitment is a critical element in the battle to effectively manage your risks. Risks to your bottom line and to the well-being of your associates are present every minute of every day. Without a total and vigilant commitment to your complete risk management program, the results will fall short, especially over the long haul.

CompManagement and our parent company, Sedgwick, embody the definition of commitment. It is our guiding philosophy and mission. From the very first day you partner with us, you will notice the difference. You will notice a company that is eager to intimately understand your business and the strategies that direct it. You will notice a competent team of risk management professionals who are devoted to the ongoing success of your business and to providing unparalleled service. You will notice a highly responsive, tireless team effort to control and reduce your costs within every level of the risk management spectrum.

Devotion, enthusiasm, service and effort -- it all adds up to the risk management company with the most commitment.