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destination excellence – administrative discounts 
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The Destination Excellence Program encourages an employer to focus on safety and return-to-work for injured workers, fosters efficient management of accounts and cost control efforts and streamlines the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) processes and requirements. The program includes Administrative Discounts, Safety Council Rebates, an Industry Specific Safety Discount (ISSP) and a Transitional Work Grant Program and Bonus.

A discount is provided to employers who elect to utilize the BWC’s website at to conduct business electronically. BWC will apply the discount automatically; no application is required. Online transactions consist of the receipt of payroll reports and reporting of payroll; payment of premium for the current period no later than the due date; and any additional transactions that BWC expands to online account management and communications.

A discount is provided to employers with an active policy for at least 5 years and no lapses during that time. “One-Time Forgiveness” may be utilized to remove a lapse to become eligible. Predecessor policy lapses do not transfer to the successor policy, but the successor policy must be active for at least 5 years to be eligible. Employers reporting zero payroll in current payroll period, state agencies and self-insured employers are not eligible for this discount.