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An individual employer’s experience modifier (EM) is capped to minimize the effects of a significant premium increase for employers that become penalty rated.
Qualified employers will be eligible to participate in a program that places a 100% cap on the amount an individual employer’s experience modifier (EM) can increase from year-to-year.

The EM is the percentage applied to the state base rates to determine the premium that is paid to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC).  The previous year's EM could be an individual EM or group EM if the employer was participating in a group-rating plan that year.

An employer is participating in a group rating program for the 2014 policy year and gets the group EM of 0.47.  For the 2015 policy year, the employer is not renewed in a group rating program, so the company would default to their individual rate. However, since the employer is eligible for the EM capping, the EM is capped for the 2015 policy year at 0.94.