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Group Rating enables state-funded employers with better than average claim histories to combine claim expenses and rate calculations to take advantage of premium savings currently reserved for larger employers.
Employers with a better-than-average safety record and little if any claim costs, pay at or below the base premium rates established by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC). The BWC looks at the group of employers and adjusts the rates as if the group was one big organization, thus potentially giving employers much lower premium rates than they could attain on their own. Group Rating discounts typically range between 15 percent and the maximum discount available from BWC, which is currently 53 percent for private employers and 59 percent for public employers.
Group savings will differ between sponsor programs, those with larger groups offering more stability and accuracy in projected savings.  It is very important to make sure that your organization provides the most current payroll information and any future budget impacts when comparing quotes between sponsoring organizations as payroll, claim costs, and industry are major factors in determining the premium for your organization.

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Savings reflected above do not include the additional savings that can be realized by also participating in programs compatible with Group Rating such as Drug Free Safety, Safety Council and Destination Excellence to name just a few.