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destination excellence – industry specific safety program 
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The Destination Excellence Program encourages an employer to focus on safety and return-to-work for injured workers, fosters efficient management of accounts and cost control efforts and streamlines the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) processes and requirements. The program includes Administrative Discounts, Safety Council Rebates, an Industry Specific Safety Discount (ISSP) and a Transitional Work Grant Program and Bonus.
A 3% refund of the employer’s premium costs at the close of the program year to encourage an employer’s focus on safety in the workplace. Employer must complete an online safety management self-assessment as well as one, two or three loss prevention activities depending on payroll.

• Less than or equal to $100,000 in payroll - complete 1 loss prevention activity
• More than $100,000 and up to $300,000 in payroll - complete 2 loss prevention activities
• More than $300,000 in payroll - complete 3 loss prevention activities

Loss prevention activities include industry-specific training classes, attendance at BWC’s Ohio Safety Congress & Expo and/or onsite field consulting with a BWC safety and health expert.