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destination excellence – transitional work 
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The Destination Excellence Program encourages an employer to focus on safety and return-to-work for injured workers, fosters efficient management of accounts and cost control efforts and streamlines the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) processes and requirements. The program includes Administrative Discounts, Safety Council Rebates, an Industry Specific Safety Discount (ISSP) and a Transitional Work Grant Program and Bonus.


Grant for employers to establish a transitional work plan, and a bonus for employers who use the plan in returning injured workers to work. An effective transitional work program helps injured workers return to productivity in the workplace by providing modified job duties and other methods that accommodate medical restrictions. The injured worker receives a full paycheck with the goal of returning to his/her original job, while the employer reduces the costs associated with long-term claims and improves productivity. 
3-to-1 matching grants are available for companies ranging from $2,900 to $6,300 from 11 to 200+ employees.

Up to a 10% bonus available for employers who utilize an established and approved program applicable to claims with dates of injury within the policy year.

•   12 claims occur during policy year; 10 meet requirements for transitional work
•   Of 10 claims meeting requirements, 5 injured workers offered transitional work and accepted
•   50% of eligible claims were helped by transitional work, therefore employer will receive 50% of the possible 10% bonus which equals 5%