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The Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) is a voluntary Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) incentive program to help employers establish a safer and more cost-effective workplace. By implementing this program, an employer can address workplace use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs, including prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drug abuse, and take appropriate corrective action. To learn more about the requirements of the program, click here.

Let CompManagement help you get started! We can assist with the development and implementation of your program by providing the following services for the five basic components of an effective Drug Free Safety Program:

Policy Development & Program Oversight
Written policies are developed by a Human Resources professional specializing in drug and alcohol testing. We work with you to customize the policy to meet your company's individual needs. Updates and reviews are provided to keep your policy effective and current. Clients who elect this service will be provided with progress reporting assistance, technical support, employee assistance guidance, grant assistance, program consultation/oversight and support.

Employee Education
Educating employees about drugs and alcohol and raising awareness among your workforce are key ingredients to a successful and effective program. CompManagement's Risk Services provides several convenient options to efficiently empower your workforce. A qualified and professional staff of trainers is available to conduct on-site education sessions. Train-the-Trainer, online and webinar services are also available.  To access the online service, click on the Quick Link to the right.

Supervisor Training
It is important to provide your supervisors with not only the information, but also the supervisory skills required to implement your Drug-Free Safety Program effectively. An understanding of their role and responsibilities will ensure appropriate action is taken in the event an issue presents itself. CompManagement's Risk Services provides knowledgeable and qualified trainers to deliver personal on-site training sessions. We also offer a variety of supervisory training programs online and webinars.  To access the online service, click on the Quick Link to the right.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
CompManagement's Risk Services colleagues can refer you to testing vendors who can provide a flexible network of drug and alcohol collection sites, on-site collection services, random program management, Medical Review Officer services (MRO) and various methods of reporting results including internet-based reporting.

Employee Assistance Plan
CompManagement's Risk Services professional staff can assist you with developing a plan of action to provide helpful resources to employees who have tested positive or who have come forward for assistance.

For more information regarding these programs, please contact our Risk Services colleagues at (888) 264-2635.