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Alternative Rating/Discount Program Consultation
Our industry leading experts annually review each client’s program to ensure participation in the available Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) alternative rating/discount programs that may garner the most premium savings.

As a full-service third party administrator, CompManagement prepares studies for an employer to determine if a particular alternative rating option would be beneficial in reducing their premium. Our Program Managers review this information with our clients to discuss financial implications, qualifications, requirements, any risk involved in each option as well as how to strategically stack discount programs to optimize savings for which they may qualify.

Through our colleagues' expertise, nearly 90% of our clients are currently participating in at least one alternative rating solution. To learn more about the alternative rating/discount programs available, click on the Quick Link for Discount Programs.

For a free evaluation for services, simply complete a Temporary Authorization to Review Information (AC-3) form by clicking on the Quick Link.