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Through CompManagement’s Risk Services division, we have a wide range of training programs available online. The Online Education Center is a powerful, Web-based tool that delivers, manages and tracks training through the Internet. It enables organizations to efficiently train any number of employees through self-paced courses.

The Online Education Center is unique because it combines all of the elements of a training program into one Web site. These elements include course delivery, access to instructors, training administration and, of course, students. Online courses are priced on a per-student basis.

Online Training Refund Policy
Cancellation Policy: You have the right to cancel your registration up to three (3) days from the date of purchase. Requests for cancellation must be made by contacting our Risk Services division by phone or email. The request must be made prior to midnight of the third calendar day from the date of purchase.  We will not grant a refund under any of the following circumstances: certificates issued, credits reported, course completed.  Courses are accessible for up to one year, depending on industry. Refunds or re-entry into a course will not be granted due to non completion within allotted time period.