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Quality Assurance
Our Quality Assurance team consists of full-time quality specialists who work directly with colleagues and management. Performance Assurance Analysts provide coaching, training and help with problem solving to make alignment with client outcomes our way of life.

The focus of all of our performance measurement efforts is on collaborative problem solving and the identification of opportunities for performance enhancement.

  • Performance Direction - refers to our commitment that CompManagement colleagues will have the information and tools they need to align their efforts fully with the specific objectives of the clients they serve.
  • Performance Measurement - refers to the ways in which we monitor our success in achieving client objectives. Our techniques provide frequent feedback on positive performance as well as on variances that can be remedied before they become big problems. These practices also help us identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Performance Enhancement - refers to bringing all the pieces together, bridging any identified service gaps, and sustaining outstanding client outcomes. It also includes preparation in anticipation of emerging needs.