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Rate & Underwriting Services
CompManagement has an excellent Rate & Underwriting section that is unparalleled in our industry.  Our Rate Analysts hold a four year degree in mathematics or a related field. Our Rate Services' colleagues assist clients in making financial decisions concerning their workers' compensation policy including:

  • Performing premium impact studies to project the effect a particular claim may have on future rates
  • Informing clients about Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) programs that can simultaneously earn premium reductions and improve overall safety
  • Providing feasibility studies to determine whether participation in any of the BWC’s alternative rating programs such as the Deductible Program, Group Retrospective Rating, Drug Free Safety Program, Individual Retrospective Rating or Self-Insurance would be beneficial to the client
  • Advising clients about reportable payroll or transfers
  • Reviewing existing rates and claim losses to ensure accurate charging; auditing the employer’s annual experience report from the BWC for accuracy of claim awards and reserves, and filing any necessary requests for correction
  • Reviewing assigned manual classifications to ensure proper charging, and filing any appropriate reclassification and related premium adjustment requests with BWC