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Integrating wellness activities with workers’ compensation efforts, specifically claims management and safety services, yields a better return on investment when coordinated. CompManagement is able to assist with program integration and ongoing analysis that fit the unique requirements of your workforce.

Employers are experiencing escalating health care costs associated with this significant increase in health risk factors. Studies have shown that workplace wellness programs have the ability to generate a significant reduction in return-to-work days, frequency and severity of claims, as well as presenteeism or absenteeism and the cost of health care benefits.

As the return-to-work rate for Ohio’s workers injured on the job continues to be a major Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) initiative, the Workplace Wellness grant program is a funding mechanism to begin addressing these issues in the workplace. The coordination between an employer’s health program, wellness provider and workers’ compensation third party administrator is essential to fulfill the requirements of the grant. The monies available by BWC are not intended to be an exclusive source of funding for a comprehensive wellness program. Additional funding may be available from your health care insurer.

To learn more or if you have any questions regarding Workplace Wellness initiatives, please contact CompManagement at (800) 825-6755, option 3.